We reveal BS from all over our planet just for fun and to try and find solutions too!

What is Bullshit? 

Welcome to the only website that studies bullshit in the world. What is bullshit? Why aren't there more websites doing this?  Perhaps it is because we do it so well? Or nobody is interested. 

Basically bullshit is when somebody tells you a lie. When you accept that lie as truth often you find yourself in trouble. Bullshit is not a good thing. But you already knew that! You probably know a bullshitter or two yourself. Maybe more. In Canada most of our politicians are bullshitters. Apparently it is the same in the USA and in most other developed countries. 

So here we will look at some of the more significant examples of bullshit in the world and suggest potential solutions. The objective is to solve the  problems. And have some fun too and avoid the B.S. 

The Problem B.S. Areas:




CANADAINBULLSHIT.COM Here we look at the situation in Canada one of the best countries in the world to live and enjoy life so you may be surprised that we are sometimes knee deep in bullshit.

MONSTERMISTAKES.COM Here we begin to look at some of the biggest mistakes ever made in the world and why they happened.

UnREAL-ESTATE CANADA Here we look over the complexity and simplicity of what is happening in Canadian real estate these days and where you can win or lose a lot of money in just a few months. 

SNOPES.COM  An excellent site that helps you identify urban myths (bullshit). Before you pass on some hoax e-mail to your friends and make yourself look foolish it's a good idea to check it out on Snopes and see if it is a hoax or not. Some of these e-mails have been circulating for many years. 

NorhTreasure.com  Vintage collectables, Canadian Navy historic collectables, stuff you will never likely find anywhere else and fun to view too! Even some free stuff!

BigCanuck.com Our hosting site that shows all of our websites one of which is funny but a bit rude while the others are very interesting and fun.. 





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